Guide - how to share data with us

When we make a request, we ask for information about all registered and paid invoices from all suppliers during a specific period.

Our request is for information about individual invoices unless data about individual invoices cannot be provided. In that case, we can accept an aggregated compilation with total sums paid to each supplier in a specific year.

What is usually requested is an excel file where each row contains as much of the following information as possible for each invoice.

  • Department
  • Invoice date
  • The supplier’s name
  • The supplier’s business number
  • Invoice number
  • Some description of the nature of the expense
  • Amount paid including VAT
  • Amount paid excluding VAT

We only want a file that contains as much of the above stated information as you can conveniently and reasonably provide.  Of course, if there are any specific suppliers that are too sensitive to be revealed, feel free to remove them from any potential list. Likewise for information about private individuals. 

If you have any questions about the data format, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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