Better statistics help us make better decisions

Govstats is an initiative to create reliable and easily accessible statistics about the market for government procurement.

With Freedom of Information and the principles of public access we gather data from government agencies’ financial systems to provide researchers, journalists, and other interested parties a clear view of government procurement.

Why did we start Govstats?

Public sector purchases in the Nordic countries are estimated to be worth more than €200 billion annually, around 13% of GDP. In the EU public procurement is worth up to €2 trillion.

Despite the size of the public market, there are no precise statistics covering purchases by all government agencies.

It is essential that public resources are used properly to maintain the public’s confidence.

Access to the right facts and an accurate, collected picture of the costs government agencies pay is essential for an informed discussion of policy.

Govstats was started to offer researchers, journalists, statistics authorities, and the public a searchable database with detailed information on government purchases.

Freedom of Information is essential to good statistics

Freedom of Information means that information held by government agencies must be made available to the public upon request and is guaranteed by law in most democracies.

Lagen om vidareutnyttjande av handlingar från den offentliga förvaltningen (2010:566) syftar till att främja utvecklingen av en informationsmarknad genom att underlätta enskildas användning av handlingar som tillhandahålls av myndigheter.

Handlingar ska enligt lagen om möjligt göras tillgängliga i elektronisk form och omfattar även aktiebolag, handelsbolag, ekonomiska föreningar och stiftelser där kommuner eller regioner utövar ett rättsligt bestämmande inflytande.

Have you recieved a request from Govstats?

Govstats is building a searchable database covering all public purchases in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. That is why we are contacting all procuring authorities with a Freedom of Information request.

What we are requesting is an excel document containing payments to all suppliers during a specific period of time. We don’t want you to spend an excessive amount of time compiling documents. We only want an exported file from your accounting system.

Here is more information about what we are requesting and how to provide information.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our head of data sourcing.

What do we do with the data we gather?

Govstats is requesting, gathering and compiling information about all tenders in the Nordic countries and making it available to statistical purposes.

We share this data in partnership with researchers and other actors with the goal of being able to regularly publish statistics about public procurement on the national and local levels.

Who is behind GovStats?

Govstats is an initiative by the AI-company Tendium to provide detailed statistics about the market for public procurement.

Tendium develops technology to improve the public market with the help of AI.

If you would like access to our statistics or start a research project about government procurement with the help of our data, you are welcome to contact our Head of Operations, Oskar Lundgren.

Data collection, Govstats

Spokesperson, Govstats

Operations manager, Tendium

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